Printed Marble Animal Items for Home Decoration

Indian marble items are very famous for home decoration. Marble products are marble pots, marble mobile stand, marble clock, marble ashtry, marble animals, marble god status, marble bowls, marble trys, marble boxes and many other marble products. Marble items are also perfect decoration pieces at Resort, Hotels, Garden, and Restaurant etc.

Marble Animals

Marble animals are very attractive looking piece for home decoration. Craftsmen are able to crafting all type of animals. Marble animals like elephants, peacock, Owl, camel, Tortoise, Cow, Frog, Parrot etc. Craftsmen are making these marble products in different shapes, size and colors. Mostly they are used makrana marbles for crafting.

Marble Elephant Decoration

Marble elephant is very popular pieces for decor. Makrana marble is also known as pure marble. Marble elephant crafted by makrana Marble and also supply in various size and shape. Mostly Marble elephants are hand painted with beautiful designs. Some Elephants are decorated with meenakari and kundan wok.

Highest demanded piece in international market is marble elephant. Elephants are decorated with meenakari and kundan work give royal look. Craftsmen are using best quality of marble for crafting these pieces. They make this elephant with perfect shape and elegant finishing.

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