How to decorate your bedroom black and white tapestry

Black and white tapestry is oldest art of textile which is use to decoration at any wall of home. This is handmade or machine or screen printed wall hanging which is beautifully decorated. This is gorgeous piece of Indian art and made with 100% pure cotton.

black and white wall hanging tapestry

These pieces of wall hanging tapestry is gives ancient flare of magic to your wall from or your home. This is unique addition of wall hanging which is perfect for anyone. These tapestry is use as a wall hanging, bedspreads, bed covers, table cloths, curtain, bed sheet etc.

These wall hanging use only white and black color combination which make this textile piece beautiful. Artist of tapestry use these two color and also use various pattern to look gorgeous. Artist use quality of great texture and also washable textile piece.

Handicrunch is provide black and white wall hanging tapestry which is screen printed wall hanging.  We offer various design and pattern of these tapestry which suitable for your room décor. On this pattern, we have various collection of hippie mandala, sun and moon, Tree of life, elephant with tree or many more designs in black & white color combination.

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