What to keep in mind while exporting Indian Handicrafts


The lavish and rapidly growing Indian Handicrafts industry, springing up with each passing day, various handicrafts companies have begun to export their astonishing handicraft products to various other countries. There are some points to be kept in mind while exporting or the moment when you starting Handicrafts export business:

You need to get the license:

Before you begin your export business, its compulsory to register as a supplier of handicraft products and finish all the legal formalities. You also need to get the appropriate licenses.

Having Knowledge of the trade policies:

Different kind of trade policies are included in trading handicrafts, so you need to gather all the information related to it before beginning to export. Research thoroughly about all the trade practices and also custom duties which are necessary for exporting of products.

Packaging should be done carefully and properly:

Mostly Indian handicrafts are fragile in their natureand require proper handling, which can be attained by good packaging. So, packaging needs to be taken utmost care as well as safe delivery of all the products you wish to start exporting.

Assured Quality must be considered:

The most important factor which the buyer considers is the quality. Various buyers will opt for the suppliers after having full assurance of the product quality. When a buyer is content with the quality, he will be ready to make payment for the products he purchases. Efficient marketing along with the usage of high quality raw materials will be an assurance for vertex quality handicrafts.

Logistics must be considered:

For any kind of export business, logistics plays very important role. To make sure about the timely delivery of the products, You are required to have link with good transporters or logistics services provider. You need to do a good research while opting for the logistic service provider because poor and careless handling will destroy the quality of the product and will have the bad impression on the buyer of your handicraft products.


The Indian handicrafts are exported to a large extent these days. If you too are willing to start with business of exporting handicraft products, then just keep these important factors in mind before starting the business.

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