Astonishing Home Decor Trend-Terracotta Handicraft Items


What is the meaning of Terracotta?

Terracotta word has been arrived from the Italian word, means “baked earth”. Terracotta is considered to be noteworthy because man started to be creative with this itself. Terracotta is creating numerous different beautiful structures by using this clay form. Terracotta is used worldwide for making decorative products . Since many years, different terracotta products are being used by the people. Almost every India household have atleast one product of Terracotta and it is because, they are not very costly compared to other handicraft products, and they give a charming glow to the house.

History of Terracotta:

Historical evidences from Harappa and Mohejo daaro, have recommended that this art form developed in India. So, this art form was a decorative artwork plus useful product too. People adored these products as the were very cheap and more appropriate and handy than the metal products. These products were made to use in the form of architecture of old monuments like tiles and bricks, considered to be perfect for making buildings.


Various kinds of Terracotta Products:

Terracotta is used for different decorative products like toys, lamps, cases, toys, The pots appeared to be more elegant and they were also used for storing food. Terracotta made home decor items also appeared to be stunning, like pots, because it can be used to grow plants in it. These pots are again used as decor trend in the gardens for giving a royal touch.


Bankura horses have always been the most admired terracotta product as it is related to various rituals and it gives a different charm to the living room or drawing room.

Charm of Terracotta made products:

The breathtaking and ethnic beauty of terracotta products appears to be astonishing. Various terracotta products includes wall hangings, jewellery boxes, home decoration items, and other different types of handicrafts.


Craze for Terracotta in India:

In India, different states are known for different terracotta products, Meenakari products like Gujarat is known for clay pots. Tamil Nadu is rich in making pots of various animals like horses, elephants, etc. Terracotta products, being elegant in looks, adds up different charm and has ethnic beauty, and it is a business which comes up from rural India.


So, are you looking for some traditional and ethnic form of decorating home?

Terracotta products are the best option for you.

At Handicrunch, you can choose from online various terracotta handicraft products for your sweet home. You will get varieties of Terracotta painted pots, decoration items from Handicrunch.

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