Awesome tips for choosing the best Quilts for your home

As there is a change in season and winters arrive, the best thing about the winters are the warm quilts. But when it comes to purchasing the quilts, it is the most difficult part.

And also in summers, the quilts required are just the lighter ones.

But, no need to worry now.

Here are the awesome tips for choosing the best quilts for your home:

There are 4 amazing quilts available, and there are lots of differences in each type of quilts.

Down & Feather Quilts:

Down & feather quilts are not much heavy if weight is considered, they are very light in weight. Though lighter in weight, they are pretty warm quilts. These stunning quilts are lighter in weight and so you get much warm even if you are not having a heavy weight on you.

In the summer season, down & feather quilts can be left flat. When the winters are about to come, you can give airing to your down & feather quilt and it will become awesome warm quilt. The down quilts are so mushy that it snuggles throughout your body. Down is the natural and wonderful product and it allows your body to breathe. When you use down quilts, you wake up refreshed and not sweaty and hot.


Woolen quilts:

Wool is the magnificent natural fibre plus it is the natural insulator too. Wool is the most amazing fibre which keeps you warm in winters by breathing with you. In the summer seasons, wool soaks up your body’s moisture so that you don’t feel clammy and much hot.

Wool is the fibre which gives you a good night’s sleep by its thermal and insulation qualities. It helps in creating a dry and ventilated bed in which temperature is regulated effectively. Wool quilts are available in wide range if weight is concerned, from 350-600 gsm. 350 gsm are meant for usage in summer time and 600 gsm are perfect for the cool winter seasons.


Microfibre Quilts:

Microfibre is again the amazing synthetic fibre. Just like Down quilts, microfibre is also light in weight, it has wonderful thermal properties. It is designed in such a way that it can be used year around.

Microfibre quilts are perfect for the children who require to have their quilts washed regularly because of the bed wetting. It is the best quilt if budget is concerned, because these are available in the cheaper rates. These kind of quilts are available in wide range of weights-250 gsm to 350 gsm 250 gsm quilts are perfect for the summers and 350 gsm quilts are best for the all year round usage.


Cotton Quilts:

Cotton is again the most natural fibre which is the perfect for the people who suffer from allergy, because cotton quilts don’t have impurities. Cotton have the quality to soak up 30% of your body’s moisture so that you don’t get hot and clammy as you wake up after good night’s sleep. In cotton fibre, various tiny air pockets insulates your body when you are asleep. It is the best for the people who experience overheating at the night.



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