Different Ways to Hang a Tapestry

A tapestry is the wonderful art form which is being loved by the handicraft lovers around the globe. When you go for purchasing the trendy tapestry, you will get it with the rod casing, so that it becomes easy for you to hang the tapestry.

There are 2 different ways to hang the wall tapestry to enhance your interior decor:

1. At first, you need to cut the length of round wooden dowel somewhat longer than the rod pocket. The next step would be to place a very small closed cup-hook at the ending of the tapestry and you are just required to place these on the small picture hook nails. This process takes very less time to be completed and it will not make a dent in your pocket. If in case you need to alter the tapestry position, then you will be having the pinpricks of the nails.

2. Just purchase a metal or wooden rod with the finals (or the decorative ends) from the drapery or the hardware stores, it is easily available. For this process, you just have to make use of the supplied brackets which will hang the tapestry off the wall. Another different way of hanging the tapestry using rod case is by hammering the 2 nails at around 45 degrees angle to the mount flush. There is one of the amazing benefits of using the nails, in future when you desire to take off the brackets, no large screws will be there on the wall as such.

DSC03330_2048x2048There is one wonderful idea if you are not able to match the tapestry with the other interior decor at home.

You can opt for some additional tassels and the cords on either side of the tapestry, which will give it an astonishing look altogether. This is the sure shot way which will grab the eyeballs of the visitors to your home, plus it will add 5 stars to your interior decoration completely.

Once you bring your favourite mandala tapestry, you will require taking good care of it, in various ways:

You will find some of the creases in your tapestry at the moment you will purchase it. All you need to do is to iron the tapestry by making use of the steam iron, then crease will not be visible any longer. You don’t have to make use of your pressure because it is the steam iron, the heat will be the best for making the tapestry completely ironed.

The tapestries are the handmade craft and that is the reason there might be some flaws in the weaving process. You can sometimes attach some kind of weights to your adorned tapestry but there is no such requirement for the same.

Once in a year, you must brush your tapestry just softly. It is much required to remove all kinds of dirt on the tapestry. You must also keep your tapestry neat and clean so that it will attract the visitors to your home at one glance itself.

mandal handicrunch tapestry

There are various people who love to adore the beauty of tapestry by bringing it at their home and using as one of the best interior decor products. This will provide a different warmth to your home completely, plus it will grab the attraction of your friends and relatives too.

At Handicrunch, you will find the classy tapestries at the best deals. Just browse the various categories of tapestries at our online store and bring home, the most unique one.

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