3 Amazing Elephant Tapestries that will leave you Gobsmacked:

The elephant is one of the most admired animal in the Asian culture. The elephant tapestries honors this particular role of the elephant in everyday life and the culture. There are different ways by which you can spruce up your interior decor by making use of the elephant tapestry. These kins of tapestries will surely give the traditional touch to your home and also a different warmth to the complete ambiance of the home where the elephant tapestry is being used. There are different kinds of elephant tapestries which can be used for embellishing your home.

3 Flabbergasting Elephant Tapestries:

#1 Indian Elephant Tapestry:

As per the Indian culture, elephant is the symbol of Buddhism. This is the reason why this animal is being admired to the core for their role in the society. They are the basis of different kinds of festivals which are being celebrates throughout the year.

Ever since the era of 1500 BC, elephants are being used for carrying the maharajahs in complete royal costume. There are different kinds of trendy tapestry which showcases the elephant dressed up in the royal attires walking through the grounds of Indian palace.

#2 Amazing African elephant:

Some kinds of elephant tapestry also displays the African elephant walking through the grasses of the Savannah.

Well, what is the distinction between Asian and the African elephants?

If the size is concerned, African elephants have the larger physique than the Asian elephants. The African elephants also have quite large ears. Both the male and the female elephants have the tusks, the large pointed tooth.

Savannahs are the lush green grasslands of Africa, that does means the land without much of the trees, but includes many grasses, either long in size or short in size.


#3 Elephant family tapestry:

If the social structure of elephants is concerned, it is quite complex and social. The mother is very caring and also young. The mothers travel in different kinds of groups comprising of females, like mothers, aunts, sisters and the daughters, which is the hierarchy of their society. The males elephant on the other hand are more of solitaire in nature.

People also opt for the elephant tapestry black & white for adorning their interior decor trend.

People make use of the elephant tapestry for decorating their home without much of the hassle. It is quite simple to decorate the elephant tapestries.

At our on line handicraft store, you will find the elite range of elephant tapestry as per your preferences and favorite colors. You can adorn beautify the living room with the elephant tapestry, or the bedroom at the bed headboards as such. You can use the tapestry in various ways, either through using the rod or through the Velcro.

Summing Up:

When you make use of the elephant tapestry as the interior decor trend, it will grab the eyeballs of the visitors and the friends to the core. These elephants symbolizes different things and are the best creature of the nature. To embellish your home with the elephant tapestries, you will find the different warmth in the area where the elephant tapestry is being used for the decoration.

There are various other tapestries at our online handicraft store, which will help you to decorate your home. We provide you the wide range of urban outfitters tapestry which will help you to face lift your interior decor trend in fraction of seconds.

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