Happy Halloween Day


Halloween is the festival which is being celebrated by the numerous countries on 31st of October. This day is also called as All Halloween or All Hallows’ Day.

This particular day is celebrated to remember the dead which includes saints (hallows), martyrs, and many others who are faithful departed.

Various kinds of Halloween traditions have been originated from Celtic harvest festivals


How is Halloween celebrated?

There are multifarious range of Halloween activities which includes trick or treating. People attend the Halloween costume parties for celebrating the Halloween, by decorating and carving the pumpkins which is a tradition on this day.

People visit haunted places and and tell scary stories and watch horror films with friends.

In various parts of the world, people also celebrate Halloween by observing All Hallows’ eve.

You can celebrate this day by gifting various gifts to your loved ones. You can opt for gifting the horror tapestry which are available in various designs, colors and patterns. All our zodiac tapestries are available in reasonable rates which will not make a dent in your pocket.

We are the leading online handicraft store where you can opt for the horror tapestry to gift your loved ones and ship it worldwide free of cost.

Handicrunch wishes all the customers and visitors a Happy Halloween day.

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