Add Traditional Touch to your home this Halloweens day

Halloweens day is around the corner. Are you geared up to celebrate this wonderful festival with great joy and excitement? Halloweens day is observed on 31st of October every year.

How people celebrate Halloweens day?

This amazing day is being celebrated with joy and excitement by the families, friends and relatives and also with colleagues at place of work. Different areas also organize good events to be held on this day.

People opt for celebrating this day either at weekends which occurs before and after this day. The adults love to celebrate this day by watching horror movies. There are different Halloween 2016 ideas which you can use for celebrating this day.

People opt for celebrating this day by wearing lovely costumes. The foodies loved to celebrate the festival by eating snacks, having sweets of different kinds. People also play tricks, which is a part of enjoyment on this day.

Some people crave the lanterns by making the scary faces on the pumpkins or other kinds of vegetables for sprucing up their homes and gardens in Halloween style. These ideas are meant to ward off any evil spirits.

One of the cause related to Halloween is collecting the donations for United Nations International Emergency Fund (UNICEF). As children trick and treat on the Halloween night, some people also carry small sized cardboard boxes having the UNICEF logo made and also collect the coins apart from the candy as such.

Gift the horror tapestries to celebrate this day:

This Halloweens day add a traditional touch to your home decor trend by embellishing the home with horror tapestry. At our online handicraft store, we have the multifarious range of horror tapestry that will give a different warmth to your home interior decor. All our horror tapestries are made with 100% cotton fabric which can be used in various ways to give a complete makeover to your home.


#1 You can make use of the horror tapestry as bed headboards:

Many people ponder over face lifting the bed headboards at home. On this Halloweens day, add the amazing horror tapestry as the bed headboards which will give an amazing look to your home in fraction of seconds. All our horror tapestries collection are available in trendy colors, patterns, designs which will grab eyeballs of the visitors to your home.

#2 You can hang the horror tapestry at the dining space if you like to add some scary stuff to that place:

It is the apt idea to cover the wall of the dining space with the best horror tapestry that will provide a different feel to the complete dining room. Moreover, the horror tapestry will not cost you a king’s ransom and so you can buy the best horror tapestry from Handicrunch and change the complete ambiance of your home decor.

#3 You can have the horror tapestry as the curtains at your home:

For giving the marvelous look to your home, you can add different kinds of horror tapestries in various ways which will adorn your home to a lot of extent. You can hang the horror tapestry by the rod casing as the curtains.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, there are different kinds of ways to celebrate Halloweens day. Many things are associated with this day like, bats, spiders, black cats, witches, wizards, fire, the blood, gravestones, pumpkins, bones, etc. These things have got the connection with death and also protects property from the evil spirits to enter.

Handicrunch wishes all the visitors and the customers a very happy Halloweens Day. Celebrate this day to the core. 🙂

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