All You Need To Know About Thrilling Cushion Covers

The best and most stylish interior decor trends are the cozy cushion covers which are available in flabbergasting range at our online handicraft store!

The Best Prettifying cushion covers:

Whenever there comes the weekend, we all look forward to face-lift our interior decor trend and give it the charming look. The best way to do is by adding the chicest range of cushion covers which are available in different colours, patterns, varieties and designs from our online handicraft store. These are available at affordable rates which will not cost you a king’s ransom. The assorted range of cushion covers can be added to different rooms like the living room, bedroom, children’s room, etc.

For different rooms, different cushion covers design must be added to give the room a glamorous appearance. For the cushions at the living room, you can use the floral cushion covers that look verity beautiful and will leave your visitors gobsmacked for sure too. You can also opt for other designs cushion covers for the living room. Sofa cushion covers grabs the eyeballs of visitors in at the drop of a hat and so these must be as stunning as possible.

For the bedroom, you can add some of the cozy range of cushion covers which looks just magnificent. Classy and thrilling cushion covers works wonders for the bedroom. For giving your bedroom an elegant look by the cushion covers, all you need to do is to click on the below image and you will be headed towards and add this beautiful cushion cover to your cart.


Creating the stylish and attractive cushion covers:

Here is the best tutorial for creating lovely cushion cover. It is very easy for making and is made in reasonable rate.

#1 At first, you need to measure the length of the cushion and also the width. For instance, the cushion is a 35.5 cm square but the rectangular cushion cover will also work wonders.

#2 The most difficult part is working on the size of the fabric of cushion cover you will require. Add the 2x seam allowance at the size of width of the cushion cover. If length is concerned, then you will require twice the length of cushion and bone flap is required at one side and finished edge is required at the other side.

-You can opt for choosing 12 cm flap and by this the cushion will be hidden in the case. If you will also cut the the fabric and by this the selvedge will be able to form edge of the flap.

-At the other end, you will require the double fold so just opt for adding some more than twice your seam allowance also.

#3 Next you will have to cut your fabric to the size you have just worked.

#4 Then for finishing up the raw short edge on the right. Beginning with the fabric face down, you will have to fold the edge over by half of the extra you just added and then you are required to press in the place. It will be quite easier for you to pin the fold before you opt for pressing.

#5 Next step is to fold over the same amount one more time ad this will trap the raw edge in the fold itself. Press it in the place.

#6 For keeping the folds in place, you then have to sew along the whole edge.

#7 Beginning with the fabric in the right side, with the selvedge at the top, you just need to bring the edge which you have just completed so the fabric has got fold at the bottom. Arrange it well so that the length of flap will be uncovered with the help of second layer pf the fabric

#8 In this step, you will just have to fold the flap down over the top of the second layer. Then you are required to pin along both of the sides of cushion covers.

#9 In the next step, you will then have to sew along with each of the sides too and also from top to bottom.

#10 Voila! It is completed! Just turn your wonderful cushion cover inside out and then press it. Just place your cushion in the same and flaunt the love for your creativity y keeping the cushion on the sofa orin the bedroom.

In the same way, you can also make the kantha pillow cover which will give a different charm to your kantha pillow in the blink of an eye.


The Final Word:

So, did you love reading this lovely post about getting your creative juices flowing?

If yes, then you can also opt for choosing the chicest range of cushion covers from our online handicraft store which will also give the attractive look to your interior decor trend. Cushion covers online cheap are also available in various sizes, designs and the patterns that will make your home look ravishing.

Add the best and enticing cushion covers for embellishing your interior decor because the home is a place where we relax after the complete day of work. So it must look as jaw-dropping as possible and there are various products available to make your home look pretty and beautiful too.

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