Alternative Ideas to Hang Wall Curtains

Many times people are not able to figure about the way of hanging curtains in a proper way in their home!

Many times a beautiful room does not look good when the curtains are not hung properly. So people must opt for hanging the curtains in the correct manner so that it looks quite pretty in your interior decor trend. There are times when you had the rod for the curtains just above the window frame mostly because you would buy the wrong length of the wall curtains for your windows. It is not required that every time you will have to opt for.

It is not the correct way of hanging curtains. You must know about your curtain lines too for hanging the wall tapestry curtains to make the window look ravishing. All you need to keep in mind while hanging the curtains is that you must lift the rod that will also lift the eye, which makes your ceilings appear to be higher and your space looks quite bigger too.


The common mistake for the curtains is just soul-crushing which is of “too short” curtain. Here are the factors to be considered while hanging of the curtains:

3 ways of hanging curtains:

#1 Slight boat manner:

Just less than some inches above the floor. If you aspire to hang your wall curtains without any kind of break at all, for this you are required to hang them straightly then just floating. It must not touch at the floor. So this method can be opted for hanging your curtains. ^_^

#2 Kiss method of hanging the curtains:

This is also the best form of hanging curtains and it just hardly touches the floor. This is the toughest form to pull off as you require to measure just in an accurate way, from the rod itself and you must also make sure that you involve your measurements different kinds of rings or the clips or it can also be hooked. It is the best way to hang your window curtains.

#3 Plash form of hanging the curtains:

This form of hanging the mandala curtains looks just cozy. This will give the European touch to your home decor and interior decorating trends too. It just looks ravishing to the core. This idea works wonders when your curtain fabric is of rich quality-it can be either the linen or the velvet too, because the more it will puddle than the higher it will be the class apart texture of the fabrics which you can spend freely on.

Yet another mistake which people do while hanging the curtains is not having the rod quite wide enough and this makes your curtains which are forced to be hanging somewhat in your window which also block the light to enter your room and it will also make the window appear to be smaller. All you can do is to extend around 6-10’’ on any side of the window frame at your room.

If your window size is big then you must also have the double panels on both the sides of the window frame at home. For instance, your window frame is 100’’ wide then your panels are 54’’ wide (standard way).


How can you buy the curtains online:

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