Add the Enthralling Range of Tapestries for the home Decor

Getting the best tapestries for your interior decor trend is essential which gives the interior decor a complete charming look and appearance. It also helps you to make the room feel flabbergasting and fascinating for the visitors and guests coming to your home!

Add the larger sized tapestry for your interior decor trend:

There are various kinds of hanging wall tapestry available at our online handicraft stores which are in different sizes, patterns, colors and varieties and you can opt for the best one as per your budget, color preference and the choice of designs too.


Adding just one of the best tapestry covers up the entire wall in such a way at home that it makes the feel and look of a large painting. The kind of painting which can be changed on a daily basis as these are available in quite affordable rates, which will not cost you a king’s ransom. The painting cost too high to purchase for your home decor and the best kinds of tapestries does not make a dent in your pocket when you buy them from Handicrunch, the leading online handicraft store which houses the class range of tapestries and also the other kinds of products related to home decor like the door hangings, cushion covers, and many more.

Tapestries as the handicraft and home decor products are quite portable and easy to carry anywhere along with you.

The best part about the tapestry is that these are quite easy to carry and are lightweight products which you will be able to carry with you anywhere along with you. People opt for taking the tapestry to the picnic areas at spread and sit for gossiping and having food plus relaxing at the picnic place itself.

Tapestries are available in just reasonable rates:

There are various large wall tapestries which can help you to decorate your home and give the best look to your home in a fraction of seconds as these are available in different patterns and also in the best prices at Handicrunch. You do not need to drain your pocket for buying the chicest range of tapestries. These tapestries can also be used as the curtains and in this way the tapestry will provide a glam feel to your windows instantly as you hang the tapestry as the curtains at home.

Large sized tapestries can also cover up the faded patches at home:


Yet another advantage of adding the tapestries to your wall decor at home is that these tapestries will be able to cover up the different kinds of cracks which are there on the wall of your home and also some kind of patches which are left behind regarding the wall paint and this the best method to opt for is that the tapestry can be hanged above those kind of flaws on your home wall as such. The guests of your home will get gobsmacked for sure through the tapestries and will make them jump out of their skin by watching the creative, impressive and attractive tapestries. Get the best deals in traditional mandala wall tapestry which are available in different varieties at our online handicraft store.

Different kinds of classy colors:


Well, if you think about the wall, pain then it will cost you too high charge and then it will also make a dent in your pocket. But when you are looking forward to adorn and embellish your home with the beautiful tapestries on a daily basis and it will also not cost you a king’s ransom as this is available at quite reasonable rates and will also save your cost of wall paint. Plus add in a new tapestry for your walls at home will give a new color to your wall instantly. Moreover, if you think of painting of the wall then it will be full of hassle, but adding the tapestry is as easy as 1-2-3. Tapestry wall hangings are the apt choice for your home decor, interior decor, wall decor.

Tapestries require very low maintenance:


Yet another reason of choosing the tapestries is that these tapestries need very less maintenance. Tapestries are the handicraft products which do not get faded or torn easily. They are very simple to wash too. Tips to consider when you maintain your tapestries:

  • You must always opt for hanging the tapestries at the wall area which is directly exposed to sunlight. And in this way the tapestry will not get faded soon.

  • When there comes some of the curls or creases comes to the tapestry then it is quite easy to remove them through laying the tapestry flat and then putting heavy weight on the same which will remove the curls and creases on the tapestry instantly.

  • For cleaning of your tapestry, you will have to make use of the soft brush which will not damage the tapestry. Even dry cleaning will help you to the core for the tapestry. This will also make your tapestry appear to be clean and neat in various ways.

  • Tapestries must not be used for decorating in the kitchen and the bathrooms. You can make use of the class tapestries for decorating the bedroom, in the living room, at the dining space as a table cloth.

Good ways of using the old tapestries:

The old tapestries can be put to effective use by making the picnic blanket, designing the attractive cushion covers from the tapestry. You can opt for hanging the tapestry behind your bed in the bedroom for creating a headboard from the same. The best way of using the tapestry is also for using around 3-4 tapestry as the bed canopy above your bed which will give the best feel to your bedroom as such. Bohemian tapestry is the best ones to make your home appear to be cool.


The Final Word:

So, it can be said that tapestry are the rich source of providing the attractive look to your home instantly and you will also be able to give the best look to your home by adding the chicest range of tapestries. You also have the best option of making money by sitting anywhere. All you need to do is create your personalized online store at Handicrunch and just add the percentage of the commission you wish to earn then on, every product sale you will be able to get the commission credited to your account.

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