First Rate Decor For Small Size Bedrooms

Irrespective of the provided space we can implement our creativity and designs in a better and lavished outfit which may seek an attention of the blind person”

A bedroom is that part of the house which provides the abundant freshness by providing the comfort zone to get relaxed from all the tension and relieves us with a tension free mind. A bedroom should be our sanctuary. It is the place where we give our fantasies a real look. Most probably, a fantasy can never be turned into a truth but bedroom is the place where dream, relax and make ourselves comfortable the most. As per our living standards we can afford bedroom at different levels. Some people have built their bedroom as big as their hall or living room but on the other side many people can’t afford bedroom of average size as well. To overlap this difference we have come across an idea of decorating the small size bedroom in a royal look.

Zodiac-BedroomDecoration of any part of the house can’t be done only by expensive things and brightening stuff. We have developed an idea of tapestry. Do you have any idea of the word tapestry? If no, don’t worry here is what tapestry is all about .A tapestry is an innovative way to give your home a royal and highly finished look. It can give your room a generous way to be seen. It will always be a positive factor for your room look. Let us see how is this possible. A tapestry always gives your walls a range of positive vibrations. This keeps your room always cool and composed. There will be always least probability of the fights. In short in a kidding way, it is very useful for the newly married couples as they will get the room decoration as well as least chances of differences. But this is very serious that it is very helpful in decoration and environment.


#1 Figure out the space for the decoration

To create a different look of the room we need to figure out how much space is needed to be get innovated. Let it be a small space we can give it a royal look by our supervision. Mostly, small size bedrooms are given names such as congested, unloved, cluttered and even lackluster, but people don’t know this fact that we can innovate the room in a traditional look which makes the room functional and chic.

#2 Creative look using different ways

a49969352041d6ac1da24596b9c2dac1If some decorating things are occupying the space then we can hang the things which can make them space free and draws the eyes up. We usually have the habit of turning on dim lights in the night while sleeping but instead of that we can hang the pendant lights which makes the room more enlightened. It’s not necessary that we can get the look only if things are kept downside but the vertical look always gives a pleasant look to the room. This makes the room feel lighter and we have hanging wall tapestry which makes the room more cheerful and decorative it could be ever. Hanging wall tapestry can seek attention in the moment it is seen as it creates a look of uniqueness. It resembles peace. A person can feel relaxed in a small size bedroom also.

#3 Different look for windows

curtainsWindows are called as the important part of the bedroom as we are able to see out surrounding through the windows so it should be very interactive and attractive. Windows are usually decorated only by curtains but we can change the look by using tapestry. We can use the tapestry either having one side open and one side closed or by both the sides closed. Tapestry gives an out of the world look to the eyesight. Window drapery can also be hung from the ceiling to make it more attentive.

#4. Space above the bed

efc72392c4ee612e6450c11544b58682We can give a wooden look to the bedroom by hanging the wooden sculptures above the bed. This type of designs are very rare and unique also. For an additional feature we can use the chandelier over the upside wall which makes the room more live. A painted wooden bed wall can give a cherished look and awesome freshness.


#1 Advanced technology

In up growing technology we have invented many things which can reduce the space make the room more real. We have folding beds which can be folded once we are done with sleeping resulting in more free space. Womens are always passionate about the dressing tables. Even if we build big size dressing table it will be always less for their cosmetics. For that purpose we have folding tables, a dressing table can be folded once we are done with the make up. Folding up the things can give a different look to the room.

#2 Classic look

contemporary-bedroomA classic look can be provided by rethinking about the doors. A door is the entrance of the bedroom. But think is door itself is not eye catchy then how can we expect the room to be well finished. We can have a glass sliding door to enter the small size bedroom. We also have a large wall tapestry which creates a dynamic and synthetic look while entering the room. It can be hung over the bed wall. In this way we can convert a congested bedroom into a classic bedroom.

#3 Re imagining it with the mirror

mirroritIt would be very great feeling that when we are waking up we can see our beautiful faces in the mirror around our bed in the bedroom. A mirror always reflects the things that it sees and we have innovated it in this way that if we have tapestry in front of the mirror ,it will create a positive vibrations all over the room. Mirror can be used as a plus point in the small size bedroom.


A small, congested and unpleasant room can be converted into an amazing out looking room just by following the above tips .We have something called tapestry mandala wall hangings which can turn the focus of the room. A room can be made innovative by tapestry articles and have a bold look. Its a way to re load the liveliness.

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