Discover About The History of the Handbags

The most handy invention ever developed for women, which can fit the essentials in a single area that suits your lifestyle ”

It is an essential accessory for women to carry her all essentials that can give her a stylish look and fashionable outfit. This is the ever best creation till date. This can fit all your items in compact clutch. Every bag tells about her own. Some people like fashionable bags some people like traditional bags. Your bag your style. These women bags are a comfort zone of women. The handbag is just an item to handle all the important items. But designers are always faithful and dedicated to design new features in the handbags to make them more reliable. Every season there are new bags.


For each season there are new bags invented to increase the living standard. These are very helpful in the fashion industry. If you need to be up to date with the fashion world you can easily look for new arrived bags which can be very stunning and awesome to seek your attention. In fact now-a-days many bags are coming with different styles and features. Let’s know about some beautiful facts about handbags.

#1 Ancient Handbags used in earlier times:

If we go to the throwback we can figure out that Purses are so old but still in fashion. Initially women used to carry only the essentials like their cosmetics but now the scenario has changed, now we need to choose such a bag which can withstand all the cosmetics and fashionable jewelry and many more. There were used some mandala handmade bags for unisex purpose. African priests used to carry bags with beading. In ancient times there were so many personalities who used to carry bags or worn bag. Handbags used to be originally a unisex accessory. But now men don’t carry women’s bag for a single moment also. This generation gap has spread the differences between the women and men. Until the 16th century, everyone used to have a separate bag as they didn’t have a pocket in their dresses. But in the Medieval times, a small bag was a fashion. It was cut from one of the expensive fabrics.


#2 Thigh Pockets with the human wear:

Do you know when the handbags were all about fell in the woman’s domain? When men were started having pockets during the Renaissance. In the 16th century, something called chatelaine arrived, which was exclusively only a woman’s part. It was a handbag used to wear on their hook. These were a small bag used to handle small objects like scissors, sewing kits and keys. It was similar to a key ring. It was a bit inconvenient to store all your personal items so purses were made for women to carry all the essentials with smaller household items. These bags were usually worn one on each hip. These were termed as thigh pockets. It was a trendy invention for women and was very famous for next few centuries. So this is how purse was generated for women individually.

#3 The First Hand Bag which came on the market:

In the 18th century, thigh pockets started losing their spark. As fashion trends began so these packets became out of date. In ancient times as well people used to think about fashion. As soon as Pompeii was discovered, Skirts and dresses became the spotlight. There it began the starting of the end of Indian culture. Modern culture was overtaking the culture. Now after these modern clothes there was nowhere to carry your thigh pockets so hand bag was generated in order to carry over the hands with the help of cord or chain. This was the main reason to develop a handbag. During the 19th century’s industrial revolution, they were very much benefited with these handbags as it was in huge demand. Now designers have developed it more with unbelievable designs.

#4 Beginning of Luggage:

This accessory came when it became hard for the purse to withstand all the pressure of the essentials. It is not possible to carry handbags all the time. Suppose if you want to go for travelling purpose. It won’t work. By that time everyone wanted to try different, something new to their fashion style. The purse can be in form of luggage which carries the burden of all objects. This was meant for transportation purpose. A new advanced purse called luggage used to carry your items. For a smooth journey, you need to carry luggage as you can’t adjust all the items in the handbags. From here this bag is used till date whenever we plan to travel. Now with modern technology, there are so many new design-able luggages.

#5 Things during the 20th Century:

Influenced by dynamic change in the fashion industry, handbags continued to develop and transform into different shapes and sizes. In the 20th century, with women’s increasing freedom in every sector they were demanding more and more handbags which can make them feel more remarkable. Now we have some newly arrived mandala print bags. Bags were started to be designed in different styles to rule out over the fashion industry. As per fashion trends, women started participating more in the design of the bags. This was the starting of women’s handbags. Things became very obvious like leather document cases for the office purpose, using chain instead of straps for the shoulders.

#6 Handbags began to gain adequate status:

Purses which used to be simply a utilitarian item started changing into a true fashion accessory with the help of the fashion designers. Handbags started to be fit for the outfit or the attire. When blogs came to such a matching element, then people began to take handbags as a trend. Now it is a world wide fashion for all the women. Now there are so many rich quality brands of handbags.

Wrapping up:

The handbags have become a mandatory component of a woman’s wardrobe with all her expensive dresses. Now when these handbags are so amazing and stunning then it will always continue to be so. The handbag is an iconic piece of a women’s attire which plays a major role in the elaboration.

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