8 beautiful ideas about wall hanging tapestry

Are you planning to buy a tapestry or do you own a tapestry that needs hanging? There are some good ways to hang a tapestry so do not limit its possibilities, especially when it is quite strong and independent. Decorating your home with wall hanging tapestry is always a great idea to create a unique ambience in the space. I can assure you that some of these 8 methods will give you an idea of hanging a wall tapestry.

#1 Tapestry Use: Bedspread

This is one of the favorite ways to use tapestries, honestly. They are so thin that it doesn’t really affect the warmth of your bed, but it definitely changes the entire feeling of your bedroom. There’s also something to be said for the weight it adds to the bed.

Also, if you’re a compulsive bed-maker, you’ll love how put-together your bed looks with a beautiful tapestry on top. They’re almost always oversized but can obviously be folded and still look amazing.

#2 Tapestry Use: Throw Blanket

Basically, once you fold this thing, it becomes a throw blanket. It looks good, it’s cozy, and as we discussed – it’s enormous. Drape it over the back of your couch, keep it at the foot of your bed, throw it over a chair – no matter what you do with it, it’s gonna add a lot of interest.

#3 Tapestry Use: Gift Wrap

You can pack holiday gifts by wrapping them into a beautiful tapestry, silk scarf, or other fabric. Using fabrics and tapestries for gift wrap became a regular practice!

#4 Tapestry Use: Tablecloth

It’s amazing how a tablecloth can influence the mood of a meal. It adds another element to play with as far as color, texture, and fabric. This is also a good way to give purpose to some of the tapestries out there. You can look for designing mandala tapestry @ handicrunch.

#5 Tapestry Use: Window Covering & Light Diffuser

Hanging a tapestry loosely or casually over the lights turns your space instantly into some kind of doing. The low light sleeve through colorful threads will give fabric ceiling to your bedroom.

The use of tapestries to cover up windows can give a relaxing feel, but at the same time you get natural light in. Hold back a tapestry curtain by screwing a vintage doorknob into the wall just to the side of the window and tucking the tapestry behind it when you want to let some sunlight in or look at the rain. You can try Sun and Moon print tapestry from handicrunch

Methods to Hang Tapestries.

                                                          Please go through the following 3 methods:

#6. Rod in Casing

There are a lot of options for rods out there like you’ll find here and here. Casings make the things simpler for wall hanging tapestries and what you have to do is slip the rod in and hang it on nails. To be honest simply sew on heavy weight fabric across the back to fit the width of your rod in case you’d like to add a casing.

#7. Velcro attached to a strip of wood

For those wanting to avoid putting any holes in their tapestry, then Velcro is the great method. This is related to a heavier tapestry and for the same the hint is to make sure your Velcro has staying power. Nail a strip of wood just slightly shorter than the tapestry into wall studs.  Adhere the rougher Velcro side of your strip of wood to the wall and the opposite Velcro piece to the very top of the BACKSIDE of your tapestry, and then connect your Velcro. This in turn will hang your tapestry without putting a single hole in your prized wall art.

#8. Mounting on Plywood Board

The step that works well for both thinner and heavier tapestries is mounting your tapestry onto a wood frame. If you have a heavy or thick tapestry, you can extend and take a piece of thin wire with two short right-angled end pieces and drive it by a stapler through sheets of paper. The edges of your tapestry will be flipped to the back of the plywood board and stapled down in this method.

This wooden board would need to be wider and longer than your tapestry, as it will serve as the “frame” for your tapestry wall art.  Once your heavy linen fabric is stapled onto the board, then you will need to sew your tapestry directly to the focal point of the fabric using a curved needle.  The fabric showing along the perimeter will border your tapestry quite nicely.  Make sure to sew your tapestry  around the perimeter, as well as at various points in the interior of the tapestry in order to avoid unattractive sagging later due to uneven weight support.  Be sure to use thread colors that match your tapestry closely and no one will even notice.

Wrapping up: I believe the above mentioned 8 ideas about wall hanging tapestry will uplift your mood to buy tapestries. The methods on how to hang tapestries will simplify your work and will save your time. Now it’s time to decide that investing in tapestries is right thing and it’s time to get the job done. But the question arises from where? And the answer is only one access handicrunch and grab deals at lowest prices. Lots of offer and discounts available. It’s not only the cost, but the varied designs that handicrunch supplies.


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