Indian Culture is Rich in Wooden Handicrafts

When it comes to culture and arts, India is a very rich country. The people of India are greatly involved in creating high quality Indian handicrafts. You can find a variety of handicraft products available in the Indian market that have earned immense popularity in the global market as well. These handicrafts represent the traditions and culture of India. They are used in important means to preserve the country’s rich heritage, culture and traditional art, talents and skills. India is one among the key manufacturer and supplier of Indian handicrafts products.

These products offer great opportunities foremployment and has become an important means for foreign earnings. The handicraft industry in India is quite labor intensive, decentralized and cottage based. It is spread around the whole country, mainly in rural areas and small towns. In addition, this industry is a key income source for the rural people, including a large portion of men and women belonging to weaker sections of Indian society. The handicrafts Industry of India plays a very essential role in Indian economy and contribute greatly to the Indian economy success.

Designing Wooden Accessories Is a Forte of Indian Handicrafts

The imprints and carving on wooden handicraft gift items provide a perfect blend of traditional art and modern foresight for home decor. The patterns engraved are intricate and tell their own story. Buy a carved wooden handicraft available at handicrunch for sale and give your drawing room a fresh air of luxury and sophistication.

There are multitudes of artistic wooden figures available for purchase at Handicrunch, all suiting to your taste and trend. The available samples range from carved jewelry box to engraved wooden pooja thali.

There are different wooden hangings available, each of them illustrating one of the famous folklore.

This is just the trailer. There is more to offer. All this within a very affordable price range. So, people it is high time to make your pick and take home your favorite hand carved wooden handicraft from Handicrunch.

The wooden handicrafts and furniture (like wooden table) are famous for the intricate carvings, durability, beauty and universal appeal. Handicrunch is a popular tourist destination and a shopper’s paradise. Show pieces and furniture and the list seems endless but the demand is also never-ending.

Wood Carving Process

Handicrafts is one of the category which touches people heart even today and the feel of those hand made products crafted with human hands and love can not be present in any of the Machine Made goods.


The wood carving of Rajasthan highly in demand since ages infact since the royal age. In the earlier days there used to be special artists working in the palaces who were also supported by the royals to promote this art.

In wood carving process wood is ornamented with design by means of sharp cutting tools held in the hand. The term includes anything within the limit of sculpture in the round up to hand-worked moldings such as help to compose the tracery of screens.
Indian handicrafts are World famous for their designs and creativity. The handicrafts defined by the Government which is made by hand should have some artistic value they may or may not have functional utility. India is a country diversified in rich culture and traditions which results in huge variety in Indian handicrafts. Some of the famous Indian handicrafts include : Indian wooden decor bullock cart, brown tan color flower vase, wooden sun shaped clock, handcarved wooden elephant statue etc.

Wooden Elephant2

India is a country with variety of geographical locations and environmental conditions. The variation in the living conditions and availability of different types of materials in different parts of the country adds more variety in Indian handicrafts. For Indian economy Indian handicrafts carries a weight age. The Handicraft sector is ranked second largest employment sector after agriculture in India.

Wrapping up:

The above mentioned wooden handicrafts are available at handicrunch where quality of the products is the most important factor. In fact customers select the suppliers on the basis of the product quality only. We at handicrunch believe in quick deliveries of the product. This ensures good relations and more business from the customers. This gives an impression that we believe in providing customer satisfaction.


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