Cheap Bohemian Themed Room Decoration Ideas


Have a limited budget? A bohemian touch can be given without spending too much money. The very nature of this eclectic style can take advantage of re-purposing and reclaiming items to use in your design for very little cost. Other furnishings can be purchased and used for a fraction of the cost it might take for a conventional home décor. Play up the free-spirited form of this design by turning your creativity and imagination loose.

Mix & Match Colors and Patterns

Colors play vital role for bohemian decor so don’t be timid about splashing color throughout your rooms. You can mix these colors and there’s no caution against clashing colors since many of the fabrics used in this style combine.

  • Tablecloths: A mandala print, ombre print tablecloths can be used to decorate a dining area
  • Pillows: start searching for cheap pillows or you can make it at home with few patches. Although, a lot of mixed color bohemian pillows are available so you can add them into your bedroom space.
  • Stencils: Add pattern and colors to walls, fabrics and even stair treads with a Moroccan stencil. Decorate furniture with an inlay or African Kuba design for tables, cabinets, dressers, cabinet knobs, ceramic knobs and chairs.

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product-image-78156325Cheap Window Treatments

Try hanging simple cloth panels instead of fancy curtains and tailored shades. You can even use tablecloths, strings of beads, and sheets; they can all be purchased for very little money. Remember to incorporate color and pattern as windows tend to be a strong focal point.

  • Bamboo:Use inexpensive bamboo roll-up shades.
  • Beaded curtains:Select either one color or multi-colored beaded curtains or you can use toran.
  • Half -window curtains: To add colors and patterns to your design a popular kitchen window curtain can be used.
  • Colorful sheers: A nice window treatment uses three or more colored sheers together for a great splash of color and texture.
  • DIY curtain sewing: Select a bohemian style paisley fabric and sew your own curtains. Use simple rod pocket curtains for a cheap and quick solution for all your window needs.
  • sea-green-mandala-floral-printed-ombre-window-door-curtains-500x500Lace panels: Chose a lace curtain panel with a built-in valance for an elegant bohemian touch.

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Embellishments and Trimmings Add Depth

The bohemian design engages the senses. Use fabrics that have a tactile appeal, such as silk, velvet, and brocade. What will add a heightened sense of design while giving greater depth to your design. Answer is Embellishments and trimmings on fabrics and accessories. And these include:

Beads and crystals: Purchase strings of beads or string your own strands to hang like garlands over windows, dangle from lampshades, or use as pulls for overhead ceiling fans.

Lampshades: Use existing lampshades and hot glue beaded trim along bottom. Drape a colorful fabric, like a sheer scarf over the shade.

Apothecary jars: Fill apothecary jars with colored faux jewels or glass accent gems.

Costume jewelry and fabrics: Use costume jewelry as a décor accessory. On a decorative ladder leaned against the wall Hang a bunch of necklaces, scarves, and saris. Display bracelets in a bowl on the coffee table or dresser.

Tassels: Hang colorful tassels on knobs and pulls and cabinet hardware.

Creative Furniture Solutions

Vintage furniture and thrift store finds are the bohemian decorator’s best friends. Try to find worn pieces that show a little wear and tear. Ornate woodwork is a plus. All these items can be painted with bold colors and patterns, or even left “as is” for an authentic bohemian look. Shop local flea markets, garage/attic sales and auction sites like eBay for the best deals on used and vintage furniture.

Revive furniture: Revive nightstand or cabinet by painting and distressing or an old chest of drawers. After glue strips of various wallpaper patterns onto drawer fronts you can apply a sealant for a clever bohemian look.

  • Canopy beds: Add to the mystique with gauzy fabrics streaming from tall posts or draped over the bed canopy. Use bohemian duvet covers to give bohemian look to your bedroom.
  • Tall poster beds: Bunch gauzy or silk fabrics along the length of tall posts and tie with long ribbon streamers to the top of the posts.

Closing up:

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