How to Decor Your Home Summer Ready

Once the warmer weather hits, it’s time to store those winter clothes and break out the t-shirts, shorts and springy dresses! Put your bulky sweaters and coats into airtight totes or bins and store them in the garage or another closet till winter strikes again. This is also a great time to assess what you really wear and what you don’t. Be honest! If you haven’t worn something in months, donate it!

7a3a35975b84ebe229a8035b0076b582Please find below the tips that will get your home ready for summer:

1. Switch to lighter bedding

Similar to your clothing, spring is also the time to switch to lighter bedding. Ditch the flannel sheets, thick duvets and wool blankets and opt for breezier cotton. Keep a light throw nearby in case the nights still get chilly! You can even totally switch up the look of your bedroom by trading out decorative pillows or changing up the colour of your bedding.

2. Declutter each room and organise the rest

This is one that might take a couple of weeks to get through, but try going through each room in your home and getting rid of things you don’t use or like anymore. Donate things in good condition and toss the rest. Once everything is decluttered, go through again and organise what you have left. Just collect the things, group them and store them in boxes for later use, or arrange them in ways that make sense so you can admire them or use them later.

3. Clear out expired items from the fridge and the pantry

Spring is a fantastic time to take a little look in your fridge and pantry and get rid of all those expired items. I know I’m guilty of forgetting to throw things out sometimes! Once you have all of the expired offenders out of the way, reorganise both your fridge and your pantry, grouping like items together. For example, make sure all of your pastas and sauces are on one shelf, snacks on another, baking supplies on another, etc.

4.Plant flowers, veggies and herbs

One of my favourite things about getting my home ready for summer is all of the beautiful flowers and foliage. Plant some seeds or store-bought blooms in pots inside and out or in flowerbeds for an instant makeover. If you love fresh veggies, fruits and herbs, consider sowing some in planter boxes in your garden. Check the web for when to plant what and by the end of summer you’ll be eating your very own home grown salads.

5. Clean the windows and open them up

salon_1_3Cleaning the windows is my favourite thing to have done when I want the house to feel clean and fresh. This is a great time to clean all of your windows inside and out; with a little bit of effort they will be gleaming in no time. Open your windows and and throw bad air out your house and get in the fresh air. Nothing is as wonderful as breathing in the fresh air and having it permeate your home. Hang beautiful curtains on your windows. You can use wall hanging tapestry as your window curtain.

6. Replace smoke and detector batteries

You’re supposed to change the batteries in your smoke and detectors at least once a year, so why not do it when you are getting your home ready for summer. Replace the batteries and any units that don’t seem to be functioning properly. This could save your life one day, so make sure not to skip it.

7. Switch around your home decor items for a fresh look

41b9f2f5239eec7b4807d7de1b08de74Some people have the money to totally change out their decor items with the seasons. But you don’t have to have a lot of $$ to change up your look! Try moving different pieces to another room or changing the configuration of your furniture. You’ll be surprised positively with how new and beautiful everything looks once you mix it up a mandala bedspreads and pillow cover a little bit. Also you can add some fresh flowers in a vase and you’re ready for summer!

The Final Words:

I hope after reading the above blog you will take interest in those decorative items that will get your home summer ready. The online portal handicrunch can help you with the ideas for your home including wall art, wall hanging tapestry, curtains and soft furnishings.


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