How to Design A Bohemian Environment in Your Home

Do you ever dream of being a nomad? I think it’s something that crosses all of our minds at one point or another. Traveling from place to place with no destination in sight; living in a beat up caravan that’s covered in beautiful tapestries inside and overflowing with little trinkets you’ve collected along the way. It just seems so free.

Handicrunch is an online portal that has rich fabrics and eclectic mix of prints, it’ll put you in a traveling state of mind. Bohemian tapestry is a forte of handicrunch. Infact it has trendy styles of bohemian clothing but what about bohemian home décor? I love the idea of decorating the home as if it’s a caravan; getting that on-the-road feeling right in your own home. Here are my tips on how to create a bohemian-feeling home:

1. Use lots of rich color

Ladies and gentlemen, there ain’t no such thing as a monochrome bohemian sanctuary. Bohemian décor is all about the colors of the world and specially for those people who want their homes full of life, culture and artistic values so use as much as you possibly can – and focus on rich hues like deep purples and saturated golden yellows.


2. Mix it up

By this I mean everything. To really enjoy that eclectic bohemian feel you can mix different textures and prints along with your mix of colors. If you think it’s “too much,” that probably means you’ve gotten it just right.

3. Hang things – Everywhere

Homes can be pretty small by size or can be big so it’s necessary to utilize every ounce of space there is – including the ceiling. You can achieve your motive by hanging tapestries, jewels, pieces of fabric – and giving a fabulous look.

The bohemian lifestyle is nothing but all about spending days wandering all over earth, so it only makes sense that you’d bring some of nature’s gifts back to your abode! Fill your space with big, green plants to add the final touches to your bohemian dream home.

Have you ever walked into a completely empty room? I mean completely empty, down to the hardwood or tile floors? You can hear how different a round like that sounds.

4. Add some carpeting and some furniture, and the sound in the room changes

Noises are absorbed by the textures and echoes are softened, creating a more comfortable acoustic environment.

That is one of the other advantages that Tapestries have over conventional wall art, including framed prints… and particularly framed prints behind glass. The woven fabrics of tapestry wall hangings act like the other fabrics in the room, reducing the reflection of sound and softening the acoustic atmosphere.

5. Tapestries can also make up for other acoustic elements that might be missing

For example, if you have leather furniture, hardwood floors and solid wood tables, the addition of a tapestry can add a much needed sound-absorber into the room.


Will tapestries make a room soundproof?… no. But that’s not their intention. They will, however, improve the quality of the sound in a room, assuming – of course – that you’re not actually trying to achieve echoey, booming sounds in your living space.

6. Bohemian Colors:

There are no set or fixed rules when it comes to bohemian decorating. The warm earthy colors are quite common, as are metallics. You would like to think brown, terra cotta, gold and other colors in that family. The Jewel tones like saturated purple, fiery orange and electric blue all make short appearances in accessories like tapestries and art. Think warm is the key to using color in bohemian decorating. As far as white is concerned it has no place in a bohemian room.

Please be informed and infact be sure to mix lots of patterns and don’t be afraid to use colors that wouldn’t necessarily go together in a conventional way. Layer throws on top of furniture and try hanging tapestries and area rugs on the wall.

7. Bohemian Decorative Materials:

The key to using materials to style a room is to mix and match. Use natural materials like burlap and sisal and have a mixed bag with silk and chenille. The materials should have a slightly worn look (not damaged, but not shiny and new either).

Everything can have fringe on it – from pillows to curtains to lampshades.

Perhaps it is time to add a tapestry wall hanging to your home.

The Final Words:

Folks i hope after going through the blog you will surely search for the perfect bohemian tapestries for your home decor. So get all set to shop from Handicrunch a lovely place for Bohemian art.



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